Handbook of Sport Psychology, Fourth Edition, 2 Volume Set

Handbook of Sport Psychology, Fourth Edition, 2 Volume Set

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Foreword Contributors Reviewers Volume 1: Social Perspectives, Cognition, and Applications Part 1: Motivation 1. Theory of planned behavior - Mark Conner 2. Putting individual motivations into the societal context: The influence of social stereotypes in the physical activity domain - Aina Chalabaev & Philippe Sarrazin 3. Self-determination theory in sport and exercise - Martyn Standage 4. Efficacy beliefs in physical activity settings: Contemporary debate and unanswered questions - Ben Jackson, Mark R. Beauchamp, & James A. Dimmock Part 2: Individual Differences 5. Genetics and motor performance - Sigal Ben-Zaken 6. Mental toughness: Taking stock and considering new horizons - Daniel Gucciardi 7. Perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise: An extended review and reanalysis - Andrew P. Hill, Sarah H. Mallinson-Howard, Daniel J. Madigan, & Gareth E. Jowett 8. Self-compassion in sport and exercise - Amber Mosewich 9. High-risk sports - Tim Woodman, Lew Hardy, & Matthew Barlow 10. Self-presentation in sport and exercise - James A. Dimmock, Timothy C. Howle & Ben Jackson 11. Theory and research in passion for sport and exercise - Robert Vallerand & Jeremie Verner-Filion Part 3: Emotions 12. Affect responses to exercise - Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Mark E. Hartman, & Matthew A. Ladwig 13. Emotions and sport performance - Christopher M. Janelle, Bradley J. Fawver, & Garrett F. Beatty 14. Self-conscious emotions in sport and exercise - Catherine M. Sabiston, Eva Pila, & Jenna D. Gilchrist Part 4: The self and the Team 15. Psychology of group dynamics: Key considerations and recent developments - Mark R. Beauchamp, Desmond McEwan, Colin M. Wierts 16. Leadership in Sport - Calum A. Arthur & Nicolas Bastardoz 17. Koehler effect and social comparison: Performance in teams with real and virtual partners - Deborah L. Feltz & Christopher Hill 18. Moral behavior in sport: Reviewing recent research and envisioning a possible future- Ian D. Boardley 19. Peers and the sport experience - Alan L. Smith & Sarah Ullrich-French 20. Positive youth development through sport - Nicholas L. Holt, Colin J. Deal, & Kurtis Pankow 21. Social support in sport - Paul Freeman Part 5: Cognition and Expertise 22. Expertise in sport: The state of the art - David W. Eccles 23. The cognitive and affective neuroscience of superior athletic performance - Bradley D. Hatfield, Kyle Jaquess, Li-Chuan Lo, Hyuk Oh 24. Mental representation in action - a cognitive architecture approach - Thomas Schack 25. Cognition, emotion and action in sport: An ecological dynamics perspective - Duarte Araujo, Keith Davids, & Ian Renshaw 26. New perspectives on deliberate practice and the development of sport expertise - Joseph Baker, Bradley W. Young, Rafael A.B. Tedesqui, & Lindsay McCardle 27. Early sport specialization and sampling - Jean Cote, Veronica Allan, Jennifer Turnnidge, & Karl Erickson 28. Attentional theories of choking under pressure revisited - Rob Gray 29. Team mental models: Theory, empirical evidence, and applied implications - Edson Filho & Gershon Tenenbaum 30. Creativity: The emergence of a new dimension of sport expertise - Veronique Richard & Mark A. Runco Part 6: Interventions and Performance Enhancement 31. Optimizing attentional focus- Gabriele Wulf & Rebecca Lewthwaite 32. Using brain technologies in practice - Maurizio Bertollo, Michael Doppelmyr, & Claudio Robazza 33. Eating disorders in sport: From etiology to prevention - Trent A. Petrie 34. Sport injuries and psychological sequelae - Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, Kristin N. Wood, & Joseph R. Kronzer 35. Mindfulness in sport contexts - Frank L. Gardner & Zella E. Moore 36. Ethical issues impacting the profession of sport psychology - Jack C. Watson II, Brandonn S. Harris, & Patrick Baillie Volume 2: Exercise, Methodologies, & Special Topics Part 7: Exercise as a Medicine 37. Physical activity promotion - Barbara E. Ainsworth, & Cheryle Der Ananian 38. Chronic exercise and cognitive function: A historical view - Jennifer L. Etnier, Chang Yu Kai, & Feng-Tzu Chen 39. Brain changes in response to exercise - Karen Zentgraf & Fabian Helm 40. The unique contribution of physical activity to successful cognitive aging - Caterina Pesce & Claudia Voelcker-Rehage 41. Exercise and multiple sclerosis: Benefits, participation rates, determinants and opportunities - Robert W. Motl, Katie L. Cederberg, Brian M. Sandroff 42. The effects of exercise on anxiety and depression - Shawn M. Arent, Alan J. Walker, & Michelle A. Arent 43. Physical activity and recovery from breast cancer - Meghan H. McDonough & Nichole Culos-Reed Part 8: Exercise engagement and effort 44. Progression of motivation models in exercise science: Where we have been and where we are heading? - Amanda L. Rebar and Ryan E. Rhodes 45. Music-related interventions in the exercise domain: A theory-based approach- Costas I. Karageorghis 46. Perceived exertion - Dynamic psychobiological model of exercise-induced fatigue - Natalia Balague, Robert Hristovski, & Sergi Garcia-Retortillo 47. The automatic basis of exercise behavior: Do you like exercising? - Ralf Brand & Franziska Antoniewicz 48. Habit in Exercise behavior - Amanda L. Rebar, Benjamin Gardner, & Bas Verplanken Part 9: Measurement & Methodologies 49. Qualitative research - Brett Smith & Andrew C. Sparks 50. Doing SEM bayesian-style: New opportunities for sport and exercise psychology - Cameron N. McIntosh 51. Modern factor analytic techniques: Bifactor models, exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM) and bifactor-ESEM - Alexandre J.S. Morin, Nicholas D. Myers, & Seungmin Lee 52. Multilevel designs and modeling in sport and exercise psychology: Riding the current wave and looking beyond at the horizon - Patrick Gaudreau, Benjamin Schellenberg, & Alexandre Gareau 53. Case study approaches in sport and exercise psychology - Stewart T. Cotterill Part 10: Special Topics 54. Performance psychology: A guiding framework for sport psychology - Markus Raab 55. Gender and culture - Diane L. Gill 56. Disability and sport psychology - Jeffrey Martin, Michelle Guerrero, & Erin Snapp 57. Performance and appearance enhancing drug use in sports: A psychological perspective - Lambos Lazuras & Vassilis Barkoukis 58. Psychological aspects in sport concussions - Semyon M. Slobounov & Alexa Walter 59. Body language in sport - Philip Furley & Geoffrey Schweizer 60. Athlete Burnout - Robert Eklund & J.D. DeFreese Index
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