Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation

Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation

Evolving Perspectives on Severe Psychopathology

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About the Editors ix Notes on Contributors xi Foreword from the Trauma Field xxi Chris R. Brewin Foreword from the Psychosis Field xxv Brian Martindale Introduction 1 Andrew Moskowitz, Martin J. Dorahy, and Ingo Schafer Part I Historical and Conceptual Perspectives 7 1 Defining Psychosis, Trauma, and Dissociation: Historical and Contemporary Conceptions 9 Andrew Moskowitz, Markus Heinimaa, and Onno van der Hart 2 Historical Conceptions of Dissociative and Psychotic Disorders: From Mesmer to the Twentieth Century 31 Warwick Middleton, Martin J. Dorahy, and Andrew Moskowitz 3 Hysterical Psychosis: A Historical Review and Empirical Evaluation 43 Eliezer Witztum and Onno van der Hart 4 The Role of Dissociation in the Historical Concept of Schizophrenia 55 Andrew Moskowitz and Gerhard Heim 5 Ego-Fragmentation in Schizophrenia: A Severe Dissociation of Self-Experience 69 Christian Scharfetter 6 From Hysteria to Chronic Relational Trauma Disorder: The History of Borderline Personality Disorder and Its Connection to Trauma, Dissociation, and Psychosis 83 Elizabeth Howell 7 An Attachment Perspective on Schizophrenia: The Role of Disorganized Attachment, Dissociation, and Mentalization 97 Andrew Gumley and Giovanni Liotti 8 Childhood Experiences and Delusions: Trauma, Memory, and the Double Bind 117 Andrew Moskowitz and Rosario Montirosso Part II Research Perspectives 141 9 Childhood Trauma in Psychotic and Dissociative Disorders 143 James G. Scott, Colin A. Ross, Martin J. Dorahy, John Read, and Ingo Schafer 10 Structural Brain Changes in Psychotic Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, and After Childhood Adversity: Similarities and Differences 159 Roar Fosse, Andrew Moskowitz, Ciaran Shannon, and Ciaran Mulholland 11 Dissociative Symptoms in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders 179 Ingo Schafer, Volkmar Aderhold, Harald J. Freyberger, Carsten Spitzer, and Katrin Schroeder 12 Psychotic Symptoms in Dissociative Disorders 195 Vedat Sar and Erdinc OEzturk 13 Auditory Verbal Hallucinations: Prevalence, Phenomenology,and the Dissociation Hypothesis 207 Eleanor Longden, Andrew Moskowitz, Martin J. Dorahy, and Salvador Perona-Garcelan 14 The Value of Hypnotizability in Differentiating Dissociative from Psychotic Disorders 223 Joost B. C. Mertens and Eric Vermetten 15 Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder and Schizotypal Personality Disorder 241 Holly K. Hamilton and Daphne Simeon 16 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder with Psychotic Features 257 Cherie Armour, Mark Shevlin, Ask Elklit, and James Houston 17 Memory Disturbances in Schizophrenia and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 271 Cherrie Galletly and Sandy McFarlane 18 Cognitive Perspectives on Dissociation and Psychosis: Differences in the Processing of Threat? 283 Martin J. Dorahy and Melissa J. Green Part III Clinical Perspectives 305 19 Dissociative Psychosis: Clinical and Theoretical Aspects 307 Onno van der Hart and Eliezer Witztum 20 Dissociative Schizophrenia: A Proposed Subtype of Schizophrenia 321 Colin A. Ross 21 Advances in Clinical Assessment: The Differential Diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Schizophrenia 335 Marlene Steinberg 22 A Psychological Assessment Perspective on Clinical and Conceptual Distinctions Between Dissociative Disorders and Psychotic Disorders 351 Bethany L. Brand, Helle Spindler, and Renn Cannon 23 The Role of Double Binds, Reality Testing, and Chronic Relational Trauma in the Genesis and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder 367 Ruth A. Blizard 24 Accepting and Working with Voices: The Maastricht Approach 381 Dirk Corstens, Sandra Escher, Marius Romme, and Eleanor Longden 25 Trauma Therapy for Psychosis?: Research and Clinical Experience Using EMDR with Psychotic Patients 397 Anabel Gonzalez, Dolores Mosquera, and Andrew M. Leeds 26 Treating Dissociative and Psychotic Disorders Psychodynamically 411 Valerie E. Sinason and Ann-Louise S. Silver 27 Dissociation, Psychosis and Spirituality: Whose Voices are We Hearing? 427 Patte Randal, Jim Geekie, Ingo Lambrecht, and Melissa Taitimu Index 441
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