Positive Ethics for Mental Health Professionals

Positive Ethics for Mental Health Professionals

A Proactive Approach


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Contents About the Authors viii Preface ix Introduction 1 Part I Taking Stock Chapter 1- Basics of Awareness: Knowing Yourself and Your Core Chapter 2- Basics of Awareness: Privilege, Discrimination, Oppression, and Social Justice Chapter 3- The Process of Acculturation: Developing Your Professional Ethical Identity Chapter 4- Navigating the Ethical Culture of Psychotherapy Part II The Nuts and Bolts of Psychotherapy Ethics Chapter 5- Boundaries and Multiple Relationships in the Psychotherapy Relationship Chapter 6- Confidentiality: A Critical Element of Trust in the Relationship Chapter 7- Informed Consent: The Three-Legged Stool Chapter 8- Making the Most of Supervision Chapter 9- Ending Psychotherapy: The Good, The Bad and the Ethical Part III The Ethical Ceiling Chapter 10- Putting It all Together: Toward Ethical Excellence Appendix A: Possible Information to be Shared with Clients Appendix B: Policy Areas References
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