Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning

Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning

Harris, Lauren McArthur; Metzger, Scott Alan

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Notes on Contributors ix Foreword xiii Peter Seixas Acknowledgments xix Introduction: History Education in (and for) a Changing World 1 Scott Alan Metzger and Lauren McArthur Harris Section I Policy, Research, and Societal Contexts of History Education 11 1 History Curriculum, Standards, and Assessment Policies and Politics: U.S. Experiences 13 Tim Keirn 2 History Education Research and Practice: An International Perspective 37 Mark Baildon and Suhaimi Afandi 3 Research Methodologies in History Education 61 Terrie Epstein and Cinthia S. Salinas 4 Narratives of Black History in Textbooks: Canada and the United States 93 LaGarrett J. King and Crystal Simmons Section II Conceptual Constructs of History Education 117 5 Historical Thinking: Definitions and Educational Applications 119 Stephane Levesque and Penney Clark 6 Historical Reasoning: Conceptualizations and Educational Applications 149 Carla van Boxtel and Jannet van Drie 7 Historical Consciousness: Conceptualizations and Educational Applications 177 Anna Clark and Maria Grever 8 Historical Empathy: Perspectives and Responding to the Past 203 Jason L. Endacott and Sarah Brooks 9 Historical Agency: Stories of Choice, Action, and Social Change 227 Kent den Heyer 10 Global and World History Education 253 Brian Girard and Lauren McArthur Harris Section III Ideologies, Identities, and Group Experiences in History Education 281 11 Critical Theory and History Education 283 Avner Segall, Brenda M. Trofanenko, and Adam J. Schmitt 12 National, Ethnic, and Indigenous Identities and Perspectives in History Education 311 Carla L. Peck 13 Gender and Sexuality in History Education 335 Margaret Smith Crocco 14 "Difficult Knowledge" and the Holocaust in History Education 365 Sara A. Levy and Maia Sheppard Section IV History Education: Practices and Learning 389 15 History Teacher Preparation and Professional Development 391 Stephanie van Hover and David Hicks 16 Teaching Practices in History Education 419 S. G. Grant 17 Assessment of Learning in History Education: Past, Present, and Possible Futures 449 Denis Shemilt 18 Reconceptualizing History for Early Childhood Through Early Adolescence 473 Linda S. Levstik and Stephen J. Thornton 19 Teaching Controversial Historical Issues 503 Tsafrir Goldberg and Geerte M. Savenije Section V Historical Literacies: Texts, Media, and Social Spaces 527 20 Reading in History Education: Text, Sources, and Evidence 529 Abby Reisman and Sarah McGrew 21 Writing and Argumentation in History Education 551 Jeffery D. Nokes and Susan De La Paz 22 Film Media in History Teaching and Learning 579 Richard J. Paxton and Alan S. Marcus 23 Digital Simulations and Games in History Education 603 Cory Wright?Maley, John K. Lee, and Adam Friedman 24 Learning History Beyond School: Museums, Public Sites, and Informal Education 631 Jeremy D. Stoddard Index 657
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