Exploring the Public Effects of Religious Communication on Politics

Exploring the Public Effects of Religious Communication on Politics

Calfano, Brian

The University of Michigan Press






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Contributor List INTRODUCTION Communication as a New Path in Religion and Politics Research - Brian Calfano CHAPTER TWO Don't Join the Club? Religious Television and Elite Influence Bounds On Perceptions of LGBTQ Issues - Brian Calfano and Salvatore James Russo CHAPTER THREE What Did He Just Say? Incongruent Candidate Cues Across Constituencies - Brian Calfano and Alexis Straka CHAPTER FOUR The Public Perceptions of Arabs and Muslims Supporting a Social Norm - Brian Calfano, Nazita Lajevardi, and Melissa Michelson CHAPTER FIVE Anti-Muslim Religious Communication in India and the United States: A Comparative and Interpretive Analysis - Laura Dudley Jenkins and Rina Verma Williams CHAPTER SIX The Consequences of Denominational Typicality on Individual Political Attitudes - Michael W. Wagner and Amanda Friesen CHAPTER SEVEN #Evangelical: How Twitter Discusses American Religion - Ryan Burge CHAPTER EIGHT Mobilizing Prayer as a Political Resource: The Tactics of Religious-Political Movements - Kimberly H. Conger and J. Tobin Grant CHAPTER NINE Cue the Backlash - Jason Adkins CHAPTER TEN Cues for the Pews: Political Messaging in American Congregations and the Decline of Religious Influence - Paul A. Djupe CHAPTER ELEVEN Considering the Future Paths of Religious Communication Research - Brian Calfano
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