Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion

Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion

Peterson, Michael L.; VanArragon, Raymond J.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Notes on Contributors ix Preface to the First Edition xv Preface to the Second Edition xvii Acknowledgements xix Arguments for Religious Belief 1 1 Does the Universe Have a Cause? 3 Affirmative Position: The Universe Has a Cause 3 Robert C. Koons Negative Position: The Universe Does Not Have a Cause 13 Graham Oppy Reply to Oppy 22 Reply to Koons 24 2 Is Fine?Tuning Evidence that God Exists? 27 Affirmative Position: Fine?Tuning is Evidence that God Exists 27 Robin Collins Negative Position: Fine?Tuning is Not Evidence that God Exists 37 Elliott Sober Reply to Sober 48 Reply to Collins 50 3 Is God Necessary for Morality? 55 Affirmative Position: God is Necessary for Morality 55 Mark D. Linville Negative Position: Atheism, Naturalism, and Morality 66 Louise Antony Reply to Antony 79 Reply to Linville 81 4 Does Religious Experience Justify Religious Belief ? 85 Affirmative Position: Religious Experience Justifies Religious Belief 85 William P. Alston Negative Position: Do Mystics See God? 94 Evan Fales Reply to Fales 106 Reply to Alston 110 5 Does Testimony about Miracles Provide Evidence for Religion? 113 Affirmative Position: The Case for Miracles 113 Charity Anderson and Alexander Pruss Negative Position: Testimony about Miracles Does Not Provide Evidence 123 Arif Ahmed Reply to Ahmed 132 Reply to Anderson and Pruss 134 Challenges to Religious Belief 137 6 Is Evil Evidence against Belief in God? 139 Affirmative Position: Evil is Evidence against God's Existence 139 William L. Rowe Negative Position: Evil Does Not Make Atheism More Reasonable Than Theism 148 Daniel Howard-Snyder and Michael Bergmann Reply to Howard?Snyder and Bergmann 160 Reply to Rowe 162 7 Does Divine Hiddenness Justify Atheism? 165 Affirmative Position: Divine Hiddenness Justifies Atheism 165 J. L. Schellenberg Negative Position: Divine Hiddenness Does Not Justify Atheism 176 Paul K. Moser Reply to Moser 187 Reply to Schellenberg 189 8 Does Science Discredit Religion? 193 Affirmative Position: Science Discredits Religion 193 Michael Ruse Negative Position: Science Does Not Discredit Religion 202 Michael L. Peterson Reply to Peterson 212 Reply to Ruse 214 9 Is the God of the Hebrew Bible Perfectly Good? 219 Negative Position: The God of Ancient Israel is Not Perfectly Good 219 Wes Morriston Affirmative Position: The Perfect Goodness of God in the Hebrew Scriptures 229 Mark C. Murphy Reply to Murphy 238 Reply to Morriston 240 10 Is it Reasonable to Believe That Only One Religion is True? 243 Affirmative Position: It is Reasonable to Believe That Only One Religion is True 243 David Basinger Negative Position: It is Not Reasonable to Believe That Only One Religion is True 252 Peter Byrne Reply to Byrne 261 Reply to Basinger 264 Issues Within Religion 267 11 Is Evidence Required for Religious Belief ? 269 Affirmative Position: Evidence is Required for Religious Belief 269 Blake McAllister Negative Position: Evidence is Not Required for Religious Belief 279 Raymond J. VanArragon Reply to VanArragon 287 Reply to McAllister 290 12 Should we Think of God as Masculine? 293 Negative Position A: Is God a Man? 293 Michael Rea Negative Position B: God is Not Male 302 Kathryn Pogin Reply to Pogin 310 Reply to Rea 312 13 Does God Take Risks in Governing the World? 317 Affirmative Position: God Takes Risks 317 William Hasker Negative Position: God Does Not Take Risks 326 Paul Helm Reply to Helm 335 Reply to Hasker 337 14 Should Christians Endorse Mind?Body Dualism? 341 Affirmative Position: Christians Should Affirm Mind?Body Dualism 341 Dean W. Zimmerman Negative Position: Christians Should Reject Mind?Body Dualism 353 Lynne Rudder Baker Reply to Baker 363 Reply to Zimmerman 366 15 Is Eternal Damnation Compatible with the Christian Concept of God? 369 Affirmative Position: Eternal Hell and the Christian Concept of God 369 Jerry L. Walls Negative Position: No Hell 379 Thomas Talbott Reply to Talbott 387 Reply to Walls 388 Index 391
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