Companion to Locke

Companion to Locke

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Notes on Contributors ix References to Locke'sWorks xvi Introduction 1 Matthew Stuart Part I Life and Background 25 1 Locke's Life 27 Mark Goldie 2 The Contexts of Locke's Political Thought 45 Jacqueline Rose 3 Locke and Natural Philosophy 64 Peter R. Anstey 4 Locke and Scholasticism 82 E.J. Ashworth 5 Locke and Descartes 100 Lisa Downing Part II Metaphysics and Epistemology 121 6 The Genesis and Composition of the Essay 123 J. R. Milton 7 The Theory of Ideas 140 David Soles 8 Locke's Critique of Innatism 157 Raffaella De Rosa 9 Locke on Perception 175 Michael Jacovides 10 Primary and Secondary Qualities 193 Robert A.Wilson 11 Locke on Essence and the Social Construction of Kinds 212 Kenneth P.Winkler 12 Locke's Theory of Identity 236 Dan Kaufman 13 Liberty and Suspension in Locke's Theory of theWill 260 Don Garrett 14 Language and Meaning 279 E.J. Lowe 15 Locke on Knowledge and Belief 296 Antonia LoLordo 16 Sensitive Knowledge: Locke on Skepticism and Sensation 313 Jennifer Nagel 17 Locke on Thinking Matter 334 Martha Brandt Bolton 18 The Correspondence with Stillingfleet 354 Matthew Stuart Part III Government, Ethics, and Society 371 19 Locke on the Law of Nature and Natural Rights 373 S. Adam Seagrave 20 Locke on Property and Money 394 Richard Boyd 21 Locke on the Social Contract 413 A. John Simmons 22 Locke on Toleration 433 Alex Tuckness 23 Locke on Education 448 Ruth W. Grant and Benjamin R. Hertzberg Part IV Religion 467 24 Locke's Philosophy of Religion 469 Marcy P. Lascano 25 The Reasonableness of Christianity and A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St Paul 486 Victor Nuovo Part V Locke's Legacy 503 26 Locke and British Empiricism 505 Louis E. Loeb 27 Locke and the Liberal Tradition 528 Richard J. Arneson 28 Locke and America 546 Mark Goldie Index 564
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