Companion to Anthropological Genetics

Companion to Anthropological Genetics

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About the Editor xi Notes on Contributors xiii Preface xix Part I Anthropological Genetics in Context 1 1 History and Evolution of Anthropological Genetics 3 Michael H. Crawford 2 The Ethics of Genetic Ancestry Testing 17 Nanibaa' A. Garrison and Jessica D. Bardill 3 Community-Oriented Research and the Future of Anthropological Genetics 37 Ripan S. Malhi Part II Macroevolution and Phylogenetics 45 4 Calibrating the Clock 47 Murray P. Cox 5 Primate Genomics and Phylogenetics 57 Christopher A. Schmitt and Omer Gokcumen 6 The Neanderthal and Denisovan Genomes 69 Sloan R. Williams 7 Evaluating Correspondence in Phenotypic Variation, Genetic Diversity, Geography, and Environmental Factors 89 Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel 8 Simulating Human Demographic Processes and Patterns of Genetic Variation 107 Aida T. Miro-Herrans Part III Microevolution: Colonization, Dispersal, and Differentiation 121 9 Human Population Structure and History 123 John H. Relethford 10 Regional Patterns of Variation: Concepts and Applications 137 Graciela S. Cabana 11 Genetic Variation and the Colonization of Eurasia 151 Toomas Kivisild 12 Homo sapiens Dispersal and the Peopling of the Americas 165 Rafael Bisso-Machado and Nelson Jurandi Rosa Fagundes 13 Ancient DNA and Bioarcheology 187 Jennifer A. Raff Part IV Human Adaptation: Natural Selection and Physiological Variation 199 14 Tempo of Recent Human Evolution 201 Michael D. Weight and Henry C. Harpending 15 Natural Selection and Adaptation to Extreme Environments: High Latitudes and Altitudes 219 Abigail W. Bigham 16 Sensory Polymorphisms and Dietary Adaptation 233 Carrie C. Veilleux 17 The Evolution of the Human Pigmentation Phenotype 251 Heather L. Norton 18 Anthropological Genetics and Growth and Development 267 Bradford Towne, Ellen W. Demerath, and Stefan A. Czerwinski 19 Epigenetics and Human Variation 293 Amy L. Non and Zaneta M. Thayer Part V Anthropology, Genetics, and the Evolution of Health and Disease 309 20 The Primate Immune System: A Survey of Innate and Acquired Immune Genes 311 Leslie A. Knapp and Nicole S. Torosin 21 Genetics, Evolutionary Medicine, and the Evolution of Human Pathogens 327 Amanda VanSteelandt and Anne C. Stone References 343 Index 445
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