3D Digital Geological Models: From Terrestrial Out crops to Planetary Surfaces

3D Digital Geological Models: From Terrestrial Out crops to Planetary Surfaces

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List of Contributors Preface 1. Introduction: 3D Digital Geological Models: From Terrestrial Outcrops to Planetary Surfaces Andrea Bistacchi, Matteo Massironi and Sophie Viseur Part I: DOM and SM reconstruction and interpretation workflows 2. Digital Outcrop Model reconstruction and interpretation Andrea Bistacchi, Silvia Mittempergher and Mattia Martinelli 3. The PRoViDE Framework: Accurate 3D geological models for virtual exploration of the Martian surface from rover and orbital imagery. Christoph Traxler, T. Ortner, G. Hesina, R. Barnes, S. Gupta, G. Paar, J.-P. Muller, Y. Tao and K. Willner 4. Vombat: an open source tool for creating stratigraphic logs from Virtual Outcrops L. Penasa, M. Franceschi and N. Preto 5. Interpretation and mapping of geological features using mobile devices in outcrop geology - A case study of the Saltwick Formation, North Yorkshire, UK Christian Kehl, James R. Mullins, Simon J. Buckley, John A. Howell and Robert L. Gawthorpe 6. Image analysis algorithms for semi-automatic lineament detection in geological outcrops Silvia Mittempergher and Andrea Bistacchi Part II: Morphometric analysis across different scales and planets 7. Mapping coastal erosion of a Mediterranean cliff with a boat-borne laser scanner: performance, processing and cliff erosion rate Jeremy Giuliano, Thomas J. B. Dewez, Thomas Lebourg, Vincent Godard, Melody Premaillon, Nathalie Marcot 8. A DTM-based volume extraction approach: from micro-scale weathering forms to planetary lava tubes Pozzobon, Riccardo; Mazzoli, Claudio; Salvini, Silvia; Sauro, Francesco; Massironi, Matteo; Santagata, Tommaso 9. Robust detection of circular shapes on 3D meshes based on discrete curvatures - Application to impact craters recognition Jean-Luc Mari, Sophie Viseur, Sylvain Bouley, Martin-Pierre Schmidt, Jennifer Muscato, Florian Beguet, Sarah Bali, Laurent Jorda Part III: 3D modelling of the subsurface from surface data 10. Remote sensing and field data based structural 3D modelling (Haslital, Switzerland) in combination with uncertainty estimation and verification by underground data Roland Baumberger, Marco Herwegh and Edi Kissling 11. Application of implicit 3D modeling to reconstruct the layered structure of the comet 67P L. Penasa, M. Massironi, E. Simioni, M. Franceschi, G. Naletto, S. Ferrari, F. Preusker, F. Scholten, L. Jorda, R. Gaskell, H. Sierks and the OSIRIS team Index
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outcrop; planetary surfaces; Digital Outcrop Model; Virtual Outcrop Model; photogrammetry; LIDAR; structural geology; geomorphology; sedimentology; stratigraphy; fracture networks; 3D geological modelling; point cloud; textured surface; image analysis